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Leather Care

Cleaning tack doesn't have to be SUCH a chore. With the right tools, and a little know how, it's quite rewarding AND relaxing. 

*Glycerin soap has been cleaning tack effectively since your great grandmother rode horses. A little water, wipe it on, wipe it off with a clean rag. Or I like to use a forever-alone sock. 

*Oil. You probably need to oil less than you think. While leather needs regular conditioning, over oiling attracts dirt as well as degrades stitching. I strongly recommend using the oil made for your specific tack. Today's saddles are sometimes made extra supple by gluing two "top" leathers together instead of one piece. Each brand calls it something different, but Opulence leather and Lux leather are two examples. If your saddle needed "no break in time", it's probably made like this. Liquid oils will destroy this glue and cause your leather to separate over time. Wax based conditions should be used on pieces constructed this way. 


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