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Ear Bonnets

**Bespoke Equestrian Ear Bonnets – Available by Custom Order:**

At Red Ribbon Tack, we are dedicated to the safety and performance of equestrian athletes – both human and equine. We understand that every product and accessory should enhance the riding experience without compromising safety. This is why we offer equestrian ear bonnets only by custom order.

While ear bonnets can be a stylish accessory, designed to shield a horse's ears from pests and noise, we are aware of the debates surrounding their safety. There have been instances where ear bonnets have contributed to the dislodging of bridles, posing a risk to both horse and rider. Given these concerns, we believe that the necessity of ear bonnets is minimal, and their use should be carefully considered.

For those who have evaluated the risks and still wish to use ear bonnets, we provide a custom-order service. This ensures that any ear bonnet you purchase from us is specifically designed for your horse, with a focus on secure fitting to mitigate potential safety issues.

We invite you to reach out to us to discuss your needs, and we are more than happy to explore alternative solutions that prioritize the utmost safety and comfort for your horse

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