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Team Geven

Welcome to the Team Geven saddle pads collection, a testament to your passion for Team Geven. Our collection features Jump, Dressage, and XC styles, each meticulously designed for the equestrian enthusiast.

Design and Aesthetics: Our Jumping and Dressage pads are sourced from Ogilvy, known for their standard brushed cotton that prevents slipping and bunching. The XC pads from E A Mattes, in vibrant Geven Orange, embody the spirit of Team Geven. Each pad proudly displays the “Team Geven” logo on both sides, affirming your team affiliation.

Performance and Customization: Beyond aesthetics, these saddle pads are crafted for performance. They provide comfort for your horse and ensure optimal performance during rides. The XC pads offer additional customization options like shim pockets and Sheepskin upon request, catering to your horse’s specific needs.

Whether you’re a Team Geven member or an admirer, our collection is a great way to express your support and pride. Explore our collection and join us in celebrating the spirit of Team Geven

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