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Immerse yourself in the sartorial elegance of Red Ribbon Tack’s “Breeches” collection. Our curated selection features the finest offerings from esteemed brands like MaKeBe, Jump-In and Pénélope, tailored to fit the discerning tastes of the lady equestrian. Each piece is a testament to the fusion of high fashion and functional design, ensuring a sophisticated silhouette without compromising on performance.

For those seeking a bespoke touch, we extend our services to accommodate every rider. Men’s and children’s styles, though not immediately visible, are available upon request, ensuring that every member of the equestrian family is catered to with the same level of luxury and precision.

At Red Ribbon Tack, we believe that the right breeches are not just a part of your attire—they are a statement of your passion for the sport and a reflection of your unique style. Allow us to dress you in excellence, suitable for any event, from the daily practice to the competitive arena.

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