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About me

I got tired. Just plain old tired of shopping online or driving the 3 hours to Alpharetta every time I needed quality tack. When I started riding 30 years ago, there was nothing in my home town. Eventing was still scrappy (you could remount and continue if you fell on xc, and were encouraged to do so), and going out after meant BBQ or Mexican. Not that I'm complaining, but those were the ONLY choices. This was GREAT for the local fox (more accurately, coyote) chase club though. A sport I fell deeply in love with. But there was no place to get gear. And until 2022, 14 years later, there still wasn't. Until Red Ribbon Tack. Sure the area now boasts a couple of the best Farm to Table establishments in the south, but forget it if you want a sheepskin half pad. Olympic and 4* riders are regularly in the area, but I can't locally buy spur covers. International riders come to fox (coyote) chase and give xc clinics, and I can't get a rein repaired or a cooler monogramed. This doesn't even account for the Hunter, USDF and Eventing competitions, which are getting ever more impressive.  It's absurd. And so, in 2022, I founded Red Ribbon Tack. To provide these things and SO much more to discerning riders in our area. 


Kate Jump