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Angel Elite

Combining the highest quality raw materials as well as the most detailed handmade designs, Angel is proud to introduce its newest Award-winning offering: The Elite Collection.

Available only from Angel, these hand tooled and hand painted collections feature 100% Top Grain Argentinean cowhide, super soft leather padded backings fitted with genuine brass and stainless steel hardware.

These unique handcrafted collars are built to last and offer buck stitching, two-tone finishes, basket tooling, rawhide weaving, original Inlay work, hair-on leather, metal sunspots and so much more. Not to mention that just the right amount of oil is used in the production to make the leather durable and supple.

These one of a kind designs are the proud recipients of the 2014 ‘Best New Product Award’ at Canada’s largest Pet Industry Trade Show - PIJAC; as well as the 2015 Pet Product News Editors’ Award at SuperZoo.

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