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In 1976, my grandparents started Christian Brothers Western Store in Pekin, Illinois.

Christian Brothers sold western wear, hats, and of course cowboy boots.

As the business grew and more cowboy boots were being sold, my grandfather saw the need to offer a leather care product to help customers make their boots last.

He wanted a product that was easy to use, high quality, and American made.


My grandfather couldn't find a leather care product that met his needs so he made his own.
The result: Blackrock Leather N Rich.
Blackrock started in 1976 and was first sold from my grandfather's western store.
Word of mouth quickly spread that Blackrock was a proven alternative to saddle soap, mink oil, conditioners, and preservers.


As a kid, my grandfather would hire me to help with production. My job was to put on lids and help stack boxes.

We filled orders from the back of his western store. It was a family event.

A few years after my grandfather died, I bought the company from my grandmother to carry on his legacy.

I am still making Blackrock following my grandfather's recipe and I’m proud to say Made in the USA.

From the humble beginnings being sold in my grandfather's western store, Blackrock is now sold across the United States as well as internationally.

I'm proud to carry on his legacy and am grateful for the support.

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