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Kentucky Performance Products

About KPP


Nutrition comes first.

Kentucky Performance Products, LLC (KPP) was founded in 1998 by nutritional experts who saw firsthand a need for scientifically based equine supplements targeting specific nutritional problems. “It is easy to get carried away when supplementing,” says Karen Isberg, KPP’s president and founder. “Not every horse needs a supplement. A well-balanced diet is essential for good health, and equine supplements should be used in instances where grass, grains and hay don’t meet the horse’s nutritional requirements.”

From the beginning, the nutritionists and staff at KPP realized the danger of over-supplementation. Kentucky Performance Products, LLC continues to scientifically formulate its products with the horse’s nutritional needs in mind. Each supplement is targeted and provides only the ingredients necessary to address specific concerns. Ingredients are included at levels that are valuable. Sound research backs the development of each product.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is our promise to you.

Quality is a key ingredient found in every bucket of equine supplement offered by Kentucky Performance Products, LLC. Each supplement is manufactured to exacting standards in ISO/SFSF-certified facilities, using stringent quality control guidelines and current good manufacturing practices (GMP). Ingredients are sourced from highly reputable suppliers. KPP works closely with state regulatory officials to meet all formulation, labeling and safety guidelines. The equine supplements meet FDA and multi-state approval.

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