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  • POMS Smooth Style Ear Plugs

POMS Smooth Style Ear Plugs

Article number: 4356-BK-H
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POMMS Earplugs: Quiet Revolution in equine care, ensuring focus & comfort for horses amid chaos, with a comfort plus design for stress-free performance.

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The Quiet Revolution: POMMS Equine Earplugs

In the world of equine care, the well-being and comfort of horses are paramount. One innovative product that has made significant strides in improving the lives of these majestic creatures is the POMMS Equine Earplugs. These earplugs are a testament to the thoughtful engineering and understanding of equine needs, providing a solution to a common yet often overlooked problem: sensory overload.

Horses, by nature, are highly sensitive to their environments, which can lead to stress, especially in noisy or chaotic settings such as competitions or transport. POMMS Equine Earplugs address this issue head-on with their "comfort plus" design, which allows horses to hear normal tones while significantly reducing distracting or loud noises. This feature is crucial in helping horses maintain their focus and composure in potentially overwhelming situations.

Moreover, the earplugs are designed with the horse's comfort in mind. They are washable, reusable, and made from a soft, pliable material that is non-irritating to the animal. The ease of use is also a significant advantage; they can be gently rolled into the ear for a snug fit and removed immediately after use. This simplicity ensures that the earplugs can be a regular part of the horse's gear without causing distress or discomfort.

The benefits of POMMS Equine Earplugs extend beyond noise reduction. They also help promote relaxation by stimulating acupressure points in the inner ear, contributing to the overall well-being of the horse. This dual functionality underscores the holistic approach taken by Equine Healthcare International in developing a product that serves both the physical and psychological needs of horses.

Available in various sizes to accommodate different breeds, POMMS Equine Earplugs have become a staple in the equestrian community. They are discreet, durable, and an essential tool for anyone looking to provide the best care for their equine partners. Whether it's for a pony or a full-sized horse, these earplugs represent a quiet revolution in equine care, ensuring that our equine friends can perform at their best while feeling secure and at ease.

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