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E.A. Mattes

Mattes has been known for its high quality lambskin products for a century and a half. Over the last three decades, we have developed an excellent reputation in the equestrian sector. 

For decades now, our employees have mastered the delicate balancing act between the needs and anatomical realities of horses, maximum functionality and quality, and a stylish appearance. For the manufacture of our products we rely on one hand on the expertise and craftsmanship of our employees, and on the other on our proven designs, which are regularly reviewed and adapted to meet new demands.

Our most important raw materials are lambskins. We've been sourcing them from Australia for the last 35 years, because the quality there is best able to meet our extremely demanding requirements. Mattes uses only premium ware, the very top quality hides - the only company in our industry to do so, anywhere in the world.

At our site in Myslenice, Poland, almost 100 professionals turn the lambskins that leave the tannery into functional, fashionable and durable items for professional and amateur riders alike. This is all based on sophisticated technology, attention to detail, a lot of precise craftsmanship, constant quality controls and our sense of perfection.

We pay just as much attention to stylish variety, functionality and quality in our quilted fabrics, bindings and piping as we do in our lambskins. A number of intermediate and final checks during our cutting, sewing and embroidering processes ensure that every product we ship to our customers is perfect.

*ALL custom options will show as 'backordered' as I cannot keep every option in stock. Custom orders take approximately 8 weeks to arrive. 

*Due to the nature of Red Ribbon Tack, I cannot keep a black and white of every pad in stock. However they do tend to arrive in less than 2 weeks from ordering.